At Smart Space Buckets we believe your space bucket should look as good as it functions. Everything is fully fabricated, just attach the fans and powerstrip with the included mounts and screws. The included 150w UFO style grow light will make sure your plants have the light they crave, including blue and red wavelengths. We also include a Bluetooth hygrometer that notifies you when you if your bucket environment is outside of your desired specs. Also included are our custom-designed fan and powerstrip mounts that are made to fit 5-gallon buckets.




  • Buckets
  • Fan Mounts
  • Plug and Play Power Supply for 2 Fans
  • UFO Style Grow Light
  • Reflective Interior Tape to Reflect Grow Light and Keep out Natural Light
  • Light timer
  • Fabric pots
  • 2x 80mm fans for airflow
  • 2 height extensions
  • Bluetooth hygrometer

Smart Space Bucket 102