Frequently asked questions

What Are Space Buckets?

Space buckets are a self contained grow environment for cultivating a wide variety of plants. The only limitation to what you can grow is your imagination.

Do Your Buckets Come With A Warranty?

Each component of your space bucket comes with a manufacturer warranty.

What Are Your Policies?

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What Are Your Parts Made Out Of?

All of our custom 3D printed parts are printed using high quality PLA or PLA+ filament.

How Do I Connect To My Bucket?

Each bucket come with a Bluetooth hygrometer that can be connected to your smart phone. Each Bluetooth hygrometer come with instructions for download and connecting to the app.

How Do I Put My New Bucket Together?

Your space bucket comes fully assembled.

Are Space Buckets Legal?

Yes. Space buckets can be used to grow a wide variety of plants. It is your responsibility to make sure that you follow all state and local regulations regarding the cultivation of certain plants.