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At Smart Space Buckets we believe that your space buckets should look as good as it functions. We have spent countless hours developing custom space bucket parts that fit snugly against the curve and taper of most 5-gallon paint buckets.

Don't have time to build your own space bucket? Select from our full line of pre-fabricated space buckets and start your home grow in style with the smartest space buckets available. All of our per-build space buckets include a Bluetooth sensor that allow you to monitor your grow from your mobile device.

Smart Space Buckets is a part or the Minnesota Nice Cannabis Company family of websites.


We use the latest technology to provide cutting-edge features and constantly look for ways to innovate our space buckets. We are consistently working on new and exciting features and products. We offer innovative products that include Bluetooth connectivity, wheels, automated heating and humidity, and much more.

iPhone app and Hygrometer


All of our space buckets are produced using quality materials. All of our custom 3D printed parts are made from the highest quality PLA and PLA+ filament. Our fan power supplies are made specifically for PC fans and aren't electric taped. We have developed custom mounts for fans, power strips, PCBs, and conduits. We even test our light traps and filters using an Anemometer to measure airflow.

PLA next to space bucket light trap


We think that your space bucket should look as good as it functions. This is why we never use duct tape to attach anything to our buckets and instead developed custom mounts for everything from fans to power strips. In addition, we never use electoral tape or wire nuts; all of our electronics use the correct electrical connectors. We also make sure that cords are routed in the most visually appealing and functional way. 

PC Fan power supply with splitter


We have spent hundreds of hours coming up with the most optimal design possible. Not only to make sure that your bucket looks excellent but also to make sure it functions well. All of our bucket designs are extensivly test for functionaliy. To help promote sustainability, we designed our buckets to create the least amount of waste possible, and what we don't use is either recycled or upcycled.

Green space bucket



Etsy Customer

“The light trap is perfect!”

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